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Dr. Wasim Ahmad

Using My Extensive Experience in Academia I Will Help You Realize Your Dreams

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Dr. Wasim Ahmad is a dedicated researcher and gained a position in the field of Special Education and Disability Rehabilitation. He is currently working as Assistant Professor in Special Education (Intellectual Disability) at Govt. Rehabilitation Institute for Intellectual Disabilities (GRIID), Chandigarh.









Routine Life

Teaching and Research

Teaching is my passion over the years. Becoming a role model for other, everyone likes. I have been carrying research work along with teaching side by side. I’m also participating in social programs in the institute.

Gym and Jogging

A healthy brain remains in a healthy body. Everyday i go for walk and have gym activities. I keep myself fit in the busy schedule. I always keep spare time for these activities. Health is necessary for me to remain active thoroughly.

achieving my goals

Achieving targets and goals in life is always challenging. We need clever strategy and hard work to make our dreams true. I always give teaching to the best of me. Second, I have undertaking research work over the years.

Online Courses

Aspiring students can have classes for Online Courses telephonically.


From time to time we discuss and practical work on a particular subject.


Students can ask me any of the questions regarding their areas of study.

What Students Speak

It was a great pleasure to have you as my teacher during my M.Ed. Special Education. Your style of teaching and the examples you used from real life have been very clear and helpful to understand the concepts. You are a wonderful teacher. We learned a lot from you. You are my inspiration.


Sir, you have been a guiding light in helping me to build my career and is still available whenever I need. Your unique way of teachings has always been a high point of attending the lectures and the never-ending spirit. Sir, you always inspired young generations like us.

Neha Vashishta

I have been lucky to find a teacher like you during my degree in special education. I learn a lot from you in every lecture. I came to realize the job of a lecturer while being in the class. I heard all your lectures attentively. They taught me a lot to improve my personality. Thank you so much Sir.


Sir, I always be a regular student in the class during my studies. And when I attended your first lecture, it impressed me. Your ways of teaching with solid examples really helpful in understanding the concept and preparing answers for exams.



"You are an amazing teacher with the kindest heart. We are so thankful you are a part of our journey in life. The foundation you are providing through your gentle guidance and unwavering support give us faith he will continue to grow and meet the challenges of our future."
"Thank you for helping around campus doing all you do. After working with you this summer, I truly appreciate what you do. You honestly made my summer job experience quite enjoyable. Also, thanks for being there for everybody and the time we needed."
School Teacher
"You are a great role model for all. Your encouraging and loving words to each during degree made a difference in our minds. It must be great to be encouraged and recognized by a teacher like you. You taught us such leadership that now we can handle all the day-to-day matters in life."
"Thank you so much for being my history teacher. History is my favorite subject, especially Indian history because it is like a story and I love learning about our nation’s past. You make history fun, exciting, and alive and interesting."
Custom Officer


Regarding any of the query, aspiring people can visit me at Chandigarh, India.

Chandigarh, India


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